Ferrous Castings

The Steel Industry’s Best Source for Rings, and Sleeves for Irons, Steels & Special Alloys

Our centrifugal casting process allows us to cost-effectively manufacture mill rolls and sleeves, and much more. We have the ability to cast and machine complex sleeves ranging from diameters of 8” (50 lbs.) to 60” (22,000 lbs.)

Our unique pressure casting process consists of forcing molten metal against the mold wall under relatively high pressure and rapidly cooling the mold. This production method enables us to produce bi-metallic sleeves that feature high-wear resistant shells with inner cores that are tough and forgiving.

Our superior centrifugally cast sleeves feature micro-structures that offer long life and additional tons rolled per dressing.

Under an ISO 9001:2015-certified quality program,
we produce:

  • The widest range of rolling mills sleeves made in North America
  • Superior shapes ranging from standard to complex & contoured
  • Single alloys & bi-metals

Our variety of centrifugally cast and machined
ferrous materials includes:

  • Acicular Nodular Iron
  • Adamite Steel
  • Graphitic Steel
  • Nodular Iron
  • Specialty Alloys


With the most modern CNC turning and milling machines, melting capabilities and in-house materials lab, we’re able to manufacture products that meet the most demanding specifications, and deliver them on-time.

In addition, we can take your drawings to create quality products, or we can design ones that meets your particular needs.

Ferrous Castings

Centrifugal Castings

Cast Ferrous Sleeves




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